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Topic subjectI doubt that.
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13473681, I doubt that.
Posted by spades, Tue Nov-22-22 10:02 AM
>still a ton of learning and I'm willing to do it. but also
>realize the pace and workload get in the way of family. I'm
>not with that at all.

You're probably fine, but learning curves are a real thing.
>I'll pay my dues since this is my first real step into the
>space but definitely need to keep my eyes open for a different
>role. hopefully still with the company, but we'll see.

There you go. Always good to have a plan.
>did some weekend work recently. manager told me to take an
>extra day off somewhere. he's a good dude.

a good manager is worth TWICE their weight in gold.

>turkey day will be odd. wife's flying to Cali with her mom.
>they will be gone for a week. me and the kiddos will go to my
>aunt's place. we'll be fine, but it will be different with my
>lady gone.

Y'all good?
>after working this week, I'm taking next week off. need to
>refocus on some chillin and studying. signed up for another
>cert. taking that test on 12/30.

This lifelong learning shit is for the birds! I cannot WAIT to be done.