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Topic subjectI'm not a good fit for this job right now.
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13473647, I'm not a good fit for this job right now.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Nov-21-22 12:58 PM
still a ton of learning and I'm willing to do it. but also realize the pace and workload get in the way of family. I'm not with that at all.

I'll pay my dues since this is my first real step into the space but definitely need to keep my eyes open for a different role. hopefully still with the company, but we'll see.

did some weekend work recently. manager told me to take an extra day off somewhere. he's a good dude.

on another note, I helped someone get my old job. a guy I 'met' through training classes that I lead is taking the role that I could've gone back to. hopefully, I'll get a referral bonus outta that.

turkey day will be odd. wife's flying to Cali with her mom. they will be gone for a week. me and the kiddos will go to my aunt's place. we'll be fine, but it will be different with my lady gone.

after working this week, I'm taking next week off. need to refocus on some chillin and studying. signed up for another cert. taking that test on 12/30.