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Topic subjectIt’s crazy how much more expensive Jamaica is now…
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13473718, It’s crazy how much more expensive Jamaica is now…
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Nov-22-22 06:31 PM
The first time we went to Sandals RP in 2018 it was around 2000 for both me and my wife for 6 nights. All inclusive of everything of course. Every year the price goes up a bit, but it had been reasonable because of loyalty discounting. If you book your next trip while on site you save around 20% (in addition to locking in the current pricing) so it ended up feeling like a no-contract timeshare - that’s the reason we’ve been going back every year. So this year’s trip was based on last year’s (2021) pricing, and that was around $3500. We didn’t book our 2023 trip while on site though and took a HUGE L - because when I looked into the 2023 trip based on 2023 pricing (two years of steep price increases and no 20% discount) the cost had jumped up to over $7500! Still not bad compared to more exclusive destination islands of DisneyWorld, but the inflation is crazy.