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Topic subjectI absolutely get that. But it’s WAY
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13473414, I absolutely get that. But it’s WAY
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Nov-16-22 06:20 PM
more cool than it sounds. We’ve been going every year since 2018, and we’ve made legit FRIENDS with the staff there. As in we’re in regular communication, sending each other Christmas gifts, etc. One of the butlers is trying to convince us to buy some property down there.

They LOVE seeing Black folks there. Like they’ll go out of their way to hook you up. It’s not a vibe at all like “hey go do this for me”, it’s more like visiting a RICH friend’s mansion and them showing you around and handing out with you, and as they get to know you they’ll hook you up with stuff that you’d like. They were surprising us just bringing lobster blt’s as a snack on the beach and such…