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Topic subjectCan cosign this.
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13473377, Can cosign this.
Posted by Brew, Wed Nov-16-22 11:36 AM
Was there for a bachelor party in 2016. Weed, blow, strippers (and beyond) ... were at our disposal, and all the hotel staff made it known immediately. One guy at a bar tried to shove weed in my pocket.

The reports about the blow were that it was the best the guys who partook had ever done. Pure as hell.

The weed was hit or miss but some of what I smoked was really good.

Beyond just the debauchery, Jamaica was beautiful, the people were insanely nice and fun, and the food was awesome. I'm gonna try and find out where we stayed and report back. But can't say enough about how gorgeous it was. I want to go back. And it was cheap.