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Topic subjectI’m also not a “be one with the locals” traveler. I go to Jamaica
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13473374, I’m also not a “be one with the locals” traveler. I go to Jamaica
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Nov-16-22 11:30 AM
once a year, and always to the same Sandals resort (Sandals Royal Plantation). When my wife and I vacation we like luxury, peaceful vibes, great food/drinks, and beautiful views. There is a HUGE range in quality and style when it comes to all inclusive resorts. Even among the salt companies like Sandals, Secrets, etc. Royal Plantation is a smaller, more quiet, and more luxurious type of resort. Every room there is a butler suite which means you are assigned two butlers who hook you up the entire week there. They give you a butler cell phone and do all kinds of stuff, like learning your favorite drinks, finding you on the beach and bringing you snacks and drinks, getting you food from off the resort if you let them know, setting up candlelight dinners, etc.

The food is OUTSTANDING. Again, huge range in quality with some resorts having wack buffets. The food at RP is plated and all GREAT. Good variety as well. The bar in your room is STOCKED. They get your preferences before you arrive and hook it up with everything you want.

There is a larger Sandals resort next door (Sandals Ochi) which has more of a party vibe, not as luxurious but more for people who want to be social. I know about that because when you are a guest at Royal Plantation you can go over to Ochi as well, but they can’t come back the other way since RP is more exclusive.