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Topic subjectI've never had an easier time scoring drugs
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13473346, I've never had an easier time scoring drugs
Posted by Oak27, Wed Nov-16-22 09:05 AM
>and can I easily find some “bomb trees, strong like a tong
>squeeze” if I stay at a resort?

Did 4 days at a resort in Jamaica for a friend's wedding. I checked in, went up to my room to change and on my walk between my room and the pool I was stopped by two of the resort employees who greeted me, sparked up a quick convo and all but told me if I need *anything* to let them know.

By the time I got to the pool a few of the people in the wedding party already had weed, the next day another guy got to the hotel and had bought coke from the taxi driver on the ride from the airport.

I can't speak on the quality, I'm no connoisseur, but you'll have no issue finding what you're looking for.