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Topic subjecti think you're taking the term "hazing" here VERY LITERALLY.
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13473536, i think you're taking the term "hazing" here VERY LITERALLY.
Posted by PROMO, Fri Nov-18-22 12:56 PM
these days, hazing is interchanged with bullying, being picked on, etc and that's how it's being used in this instance by a lot of people.

i think the grand point people were making here w/ "hazing" is that he may have been being fucked with on some level by the people he shot. his father mentioned him saying he was being picked on.

i don't think anyone ever used "hazing" to imply this was some Kappa shit but to imply "bullying."

i think they used "hazing" because "bullying" is used w/ kids, and these were, despite being young men, still adults so it's weird for people to say an adult is being bullied.

that's just my take. and if you're a Kappa i can understand being sensitive to the term.