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Topic subjectThat's not Hazing.
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13473530, That's not Hazing.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Nov-18-22 11:50 AM
Being Picked on isn't Hazing. Hazing involves putting people through shit in order to be part of a group. Hazing is a crime that folks can go to jail for.

I am sensitive because I am a Kappa and there has been tons of baseless finger pointing at Kappas when that makes no sense given the facts.

It's slandering the dead when we have no good information as to why he shot those kids.

>its wondering if there was a reason he targeted other
>football players.
>and umm… hazing doesn’t have to be frat or seniority
>Scenario: Dude was on the football team in 2018. New kids come
>in the next year or 2 who are better.. and they laugh at him
>struggling to keep up or getting demoted to the practice
>squad, or just being weak AF and getting dragged in practice.
>When I say hazing I mean being picked on, joked and ridiculed
>for not shining on the football field. No idea what actually
>happened but its not wrong to wonder if there was a reason for
>his targets.
>Maybe you didn’t get play sports growing up.. we joked
>anyone for anything on long bus rides too.
>None of this means the shooting is justified

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