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Topic subjectBruh.. this isn’t slandering the dead
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13473520, Bruh.. this isn’t slandering the dead
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-18-22 10:47 AM
its wondering if there was a reason he targeted other football players.

and umm… hazing doesn’t have to be frat or seniority related.

Scenario: Dude was on the football team in 2018. New kids come in the next year or 2 who are better.. and they laugh at him struggling to keep up or getting demoted to the practice squad, or just being weak AF and getting dragged in practice.

When I say hazing I mean being picked on, joked and ridiculed for not shining on the football field. No idea what actually happened but its not wrong to wonder if there was a reason for his targets.

Maybe you didn’t get play sports growing up.. we joked anyone for anything on long bus rides too.

None of this means the shooting is justified