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Topic subjectRE 2023 Philly
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13473047, RE 2023 Philly
Posted by labcoat, Thu Nov-10-22 07:40 PM
Man I haven't logged in in a minute
So I'm planning a "RE" the weekend
Of the roots picnic

However I need to confirm if it's
Going to be the 1st weekend in June
Like always

I put RE in quotes because it's extremely
Everyone can just meet up the
Friday before
Saturday after
And hopefully we can get a group
Picture during the picnic

I know we ain't on here
But I got buy in from enough of us

I logged in
In hopes that the roots picnic
Planning folks may see this

My ask is if anyone can assist me
just with dates and maybe a way
to take a group shot at the picnic

I guess inbox me here?

Lastly I lead the organization of the last RE (Philly 2010) so I have background on
RE planning