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Topic subjectI am curious to here more women's prespective on this.
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13472512, I am curious to here more women's prespective on this.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-03-22 04:12 PM
I am no men's right activist and there are a lot of misguided brothers on twitter who see the Woman King movie and Black Panther 2 movie and think its a conspiracy against black men.

But this seems aggressive to me. Like if this were a black woman's org. I would say more power to the sisters but this is a movement born out of police violence against black people in which the victim is overwhelming men. So why mention mothers and not fathers? Why is the only mention of the masculine are the negative aspect of patriarchy and male centeredness.

Like I said before, they went out of there way to not include a certain type of man (which happens to be a big part of the black community).

Again, what to hear your reaction.

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