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Topic subjectI’m officially a Union shop steward
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13471996, I’m officially a Union shop steward
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Oct-27-22 10:52 AM
Well I will be after I get confirmed at this meeting this weekend

Not sure what to expect
But my goal is to use that to work my way into a fully paid union rep job

The best part of this is my rep selected me specifically because of the way she saw me handle an HR problem from last December. They made ip a bunch of shit and I chewed their asses up at the hearing. They went from threatening a long term suspension, to a letter of reprimand.

She didnt even want to take it on until I told her what it was. Once I told her, she got excited, and I was able to Cold Truth their asses into submission😂

This message board shit really did prep me for that!

It could have been significantly worse for them, but I was advised against making myself a target, because they’ll go through my shit with a fine tooth comb from here on out, and unless I could guarantee perfection, they’ hit me with literally thing they could

So I left it at my win.

I wound up in a different office with better leadership.

But even though this is a relatively lowly role, I am ideally suited for it.

When I tried to unionize years back, we failed, but the union I was working with sent me an app, unsolicited. I didn’t even apply. I should have.

Just trying to get into an optimistic headspace where I can focus enough to turn it into a real career pivot.

But yeah. Being actively chosen for it is a good feeling.