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Topic subjectNot having Facebook is a real hindrance! I had no idea that there
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13471929, Not having Facebook is a real hindrance! I had no idea that there
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Oct-26-22 02:16 PM
was a school shooting down the street from my house until 5:30 pm when my mother who lives in another city saw it on the news and called me. And I was home all day!

A similar thing happened to me with Ferguson but that was 15 miles away from me at the time. I knew about the murder on that Saturday, but I had no idea they were burning shit down Sunday night, until I got to work on Monday morning.

This time though, it was a little less than a mile away. I actually intended to order groceries (pickup) from the grocery store they evacuated to that morning but forgot. I need to sign up for local news alerts or something. I swear I looked at the CNN website at least twice that day but didn’t see it. All I saw was that the Michigan shooter pled guilty that morning.

The problem with the local news alerts though is that I am going to get a bunch of alerts for stuff that is not as important as those event above. I don’t know. I think being clueless to what is going on around me might put me in some bad situations so maybe it is worth it.