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Posted by Geah, Wed Oct-26-22 04:13 AM
13471883, CFO caught covid.
Posted by spades, Wed Oct-26-22 10:57 AM
They hired me with the express intent to replace her when she retires.

It's been 3 days.

I don't want this job, I just want the paycheck.

13471885, The Kanye shit is wild
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Oct-26-22 11:03 AM
the people who say Ye is trolling and not mentally ill are being labeled as defenders of Ye even tho they are holding him accountable for his words

yet somehow that is giving him an out?

I don’t see anyone making excuses or defending Ye except for Lstah

13471911, That clap back he is suffering his sobering.
Posted by spades, Wed Oct-26-22 12:44 PM
No Kanye-o but I do find it interesting that THIS is the thing that has his contracts getting cut up and his bank accounts closed, etc.
13471930, I’m not surprised one bit, there are 2 groups you can’t slander these days
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Oct-26-22 02:23 PM
and he picked the one that is a major player in the music and finance biz..

surprised the streaming services haven’t acted as well
13472508, what's the other group?
Posted by shygurl, Thu Nov-03-22 03:35 PM
13471924, ?
Posted by infin8, Wed Oct-26-22 01:56 PM
is he just making people mad?

has he ever put on another black rapper?

I never hear him speak on finance.

He has so much influence and there are so many other conversations we could have but this is what we get?


I'm just asking shit. I don't care either way.

13471926, RE: ?
Posted by spades, Wed Oct-26-22 02:03 PM
>is he just making people mad?

No idea.
>has he ever put on another black rapper?
Pusha T
Kid Cudi
Vic Mensa
Big Sean
>I never hear him speak on finance.

Neither do I. He's a creative, I don't think the business of making money make money is his strong suit. Otherwsise he wouldn't still be so tied up in Adidas.
>He has so much influence and there are so many other
>conversations we could have but this is what we get?
>I'm just asking shit. I don't care either way.
13471931, He’s put a lot of artist on
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Oct-26-22 02:24 PM
back in the day..

no idea about his recent shit because I don’t like his new music
13471966, I just don't get he's just trolling defense/response.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Oct-26-22 06:46 PM
Like what's the practical difference of saying something sincerely versus trolling?

And I don't want this post to turn into another Kanye post but yeah..

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13471991, trolling makes it seem like its an act.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Oct-27-22 10:22 AM
it's reducing it to him just playing a character.
13471993, well, he def is a character
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Oct-27-22 10:37 AM
13471997, agreed, but playing a character and being one are not the same.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Oct-27-22 10:54 AM
13472000, in entertainment.. it can be
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Oct-27-22 11:03 AM
especially when YOU are the product and now your fans can have 24 hours of access if you stay on twitter or marry a Kardashian.

13471994, “He’s just trolling” implies he doesn’t actually believe it
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Oct-27-22 10:43 AM
“He knows what he’s doing” implies it’s all just marketing

Both of those things suggest this ISN’T who he is and what he believes
And is instead all an act, a performance, like any other actor

So yes, it’s a huge out for him

They’re plea cops

I’ll fall back in the mental illness part, because that diagnosis is apparently in question, and I’m not a fan of diagnosing people from afar.

But the other two are firm defenses of his antics IMO

It’s possible we’re just talking past each other (not you and, just the two opinions in general), and we’re each missing what the other means when they say it.
13471999, its not a defense.. not sure why you see it that way
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Oct-27-22 10:58 AM
this is NOT about Kanye being some mad villain

its Kanye hanging out with shitty people and repeating QAnon talking points..

I KNOW he believes the Jew shit that he is talking. Anyone Black from the East Coast knows that type of talk has been going on with 5% since the early 90’s.

imo the mental illness pleas are the real defense for Kanye. Trying to make it seem like he isn’t really an egotistical asshole and would be much more sincere if not for his chemical makeup. THAT is the real bullshit. Type of stuff people use when white boys act a fool.
13472004, I don’t know that anyone is using mental illness as a defense
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Oct-27-22 11:37 AM
Other than pointing out that he needs help

That said, talking in the abstract since he’s denying he was ever diagnosed,

I don’t think think we can/could discount mental illness as part of this puzzle.
I also don’t think that it’s a defense, in that it somehow mitigates what he’s saying/doing

I think he can be mentally ill and still be an asshole
Some of this shit does comes across like manic episodes
That doesn’t mean that the beliefs he espouses come *from* those episodes
Being bipolar doesn’t make someone a racist, after all

But it the presentation of those thoughts *can* be due to a manic episode

It could be less that this is calculated, and more that he doesn’t give a fuck about the potential consequences- which could be a symptom until itself.

I think there’s a lot of nuance to the potential mental illness aspect that gets overlooked.

But I don’t see anyone propping it up as an actual defense. Not saying there aren’t, just that I’m not seeing it brought up in that context.

Speaking for myself, I think I’ve said a lot to try to convey those nuances, and not as a defense.

Hope that made some sense
13471929, Not having Facebook is a real hindrance! I had no idea that there
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Oct-26-22 02:16 PM
was a school shooting down the street from my house until 5:30 pm when my mother who lives in another city saw it on the news and called me. And I was home all day!

A similar thing happened to me with Ferguson but that was 15 miles away from me at the time. I knew about the murder on that Saturday, but I had no idea they were burning shit down Sunday night, until I got to work on Monday morning.

This time though, it was a little less than a mile away. I actually intended to order groceries (pickup) from the grocery store they evacuated to that morning but forgot. I need to sign up for local news alerts or something. I swear I looked at the CNN website at least twice that day but didn’t see it. All I saw was that the Michigan shooter pled guilty that morning.

The problem with the local news alerts though is that I am going to get a bunch of alerts for stuff that is not as important as those event above. I don’t know. I think being clueless to what is going on around me might put me in some bad situations so maybe it is worth it.
13471933, yeah.. that is the one true positive about social media
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Oct-26-22 02:26 PM
not sure if it was FB or IG but I found out Charlotte was rioting from a live feed
13471965, Well you could sign up for the citizens app.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Oct-26-22 06:45 PM
but that will leave you in a permanent state of terror.

Also could try next-door to hear whats going on in your hood, but the gentrifiers will leave you pissed off.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13471984, It really is...and it's something that should be discussed more.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Oct-27-22 08:47 AM
We shouldn't have to join a "social network" to get consistent and reliable news.

Is there a way to get facebook news without actually being a facebook member or whatever?
13471969, I texted the family group chat about wife shit
Posted by MEAT, Wed Oct-26-22 07:45 PM
Long ass story but right before the pandemic wife worked for this dude and he was a MENACE that ended up firing her out of nowhere on some power/control shit


And my dad replied that a cousin killed their kid


I just don’t even know what to do really … like in life … like nothing can ever be mediocre or boring everything has to be fucking extreme

This isn’t even the first close person in the fold that has killed a kid … my wife has a friend that just got a guilty sentence on some other shit

Like this world is INSANE, and to see so much up close, I honestly just could do without.
13471996, I’m officially a Union shop steward
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Oct-27-22 10:52 AM
Well I will be after I get confirmed at this meeting this weekend

Not sure what to expect
But my goal is to use that to work my way into a fully paid union rep job

The best part of this is my rep selected me specifically because of the way she saw me handle an HR problem from last December. They made ip a bunch of shit and I chewed their asses up at the hearing. They went from threatening a long term suspension, to a letter of reprimand.

She didnt even want to take it on until I told her what it was. Once I told her, she got excited, and I was able to Cold Truth their asses into submission😂

This message board shit really did prep me for that!

It could have been significantly worse for them, but I was advised against making myself a target, because they’ll go through my shit with a fine tooth comb from here on out, and unless I could guarantee perfection, they’ hit me with literally thing they could

So I left it at my win.

I wound up in a different office with better leadership.

But even though this is a relatively lowly role, I am ideally suited for it.

When I tried to unionize years back, we failed, but the union I was working with sent me an app, unsolicited. I didn’t even apply. I should have.

Just trying to get into an optimistic headspace where I can focus enough to turn it into a real career pivot.

But yeah. Being actively chosen for it is a good feeling.
13472023, Read these 13 principles and see if you notice...
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Oct-27-22 02:34 PM

Particularly the last few ones.


"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13472029, I'll take a stab at it...
Posted by Marbles, Thu Oct-27-22 03:16 PM

Is it that the principles specifically for or about black folk came in last?
13472047, RE: I'll take a stab at it...
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Oct-27-22 09:17 PM
Well my point is that it is aggressively non-inclusive of black men and fathers in their principles.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13472055, Damn.
Posted by Marbles, Fri Oct-28-22 09:00 AM

I didn't even notice that. And I think your phrase "aggressively non-inclusive" is a great description.
13472086, I don’t know how to word what I want to say here but, I didn’t
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Oct-28-22 12:47 PM
notice it either and makes me think about how a black person and a white person can read the same thing and the black person see the inequality where the white person doesn’t. Men and women also have this challenge.
13472512, I am curious to here more women's prespective on this.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-03-22 04:12 PM
I am no men's right activist and there are a lot of misguided brothers on twitter who see the Woman King movie and Black Panther 2 movie and think its a conspiracy against black men.

But this seems aggressive to me. Like if this were a black woman's org. I would say more power to the sisters but this is a movement born out of police violence against black people in which the victim is overwhelming men. So why mention mothers and not fathers? Why is the only mention of the masculine are the negative aspect of patriarchy and male centeredness.

Like I said before, they went out of there way to not include a certain type of man (which happens to be a big part of the black community).

Again, what to hear your reaction.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13472060, cause straight Black men are the white people?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Oct-28-22 09:17 AM
what ever happened to that dude?

Seems like he faded the moment he said that bullshit.
13472085, yep....and that's one issue i've always had with the formal BLM org....
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Oct-28-22 12:39 PM
13472098, I noticed early on most of the feel good stories about the movement
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Oct-28-22 03:02 PM
focused on everything BUT straight Black males

13472506, This^^^ we told yall this 3 years ago on the main BLM page now scrubbed
Posted by napturalmystic, Thu Nov-03-22 03:26 PM
all the people said we was crazy. BLM was everything.

Its was a front to put money into politics - look how much went to DNC (I'm a registered Democrat) line pockets ran by 2 lesbians and Soros.

We said this. We were called crazy and ignored.

3 years later I dont know what I'm looking at in Sephora ads. We have no voting No Vucking and the gender clinic at children's hospitals have a year long wait list.

BLM to who? Not us. We screaming mad to kill our babies. We kill each other whole sale but aint ever gonna run up on them crackas in they city hall. Beth and Brad jog down O block and we stop shooting. white lives do matter. Yall just wont admit it.
13472518, Man, Kyrie ain't Kanye.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-03-22 07:11 PM
Kanye is out here purposely antagonizing people and talking about his love of Hitler. Kyrie is a low information dude who shared a link to a video that is freely available on Amazon Prime. He really didn't do that with the aim of upsetting people and I am guessing he didn't even realize the implications of what he was doing. He is being intrinsic for no good reason at this point, but dude doesn't deserve suspension when NBA games will be aired on Amazon Prime right next to the video that got him suspended.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13472614, Married people who ask single people to borrow money.
Posted by SuiteLady, Sat Nov-05-22 07:11 PM
WTF! Yeah I am perpetually single, but somehow these broads in my family that got husbands,"baby daddy's," and "situations" are always asking me for money. And when they aren't asking for money, they are looking down on my for being single.

Also, I don't lend money, I give it. I never give anything more than I can afford not to get back for my own peace of mind. But it is also kind of a flex. And I expect these punk ass husbands to say thank you themselves. Don't tell your wife to tell me you said thank you.
13472616, I feel the same about parents asking their kids for cash.
Posted by tariqhu, Sat Nov-05-22 08:22 PM
or uncles/aunties asking their sibling's kids for money. kids = young adults. like bruh, what are you doing?
13472634, lame
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Sun Nov-06-22 02:34 PM
able-bodied partners and got all the opinions in the world. if it's a
once in a blue moon type of thing, cool, and better be a good reason.
but yall better not be talkin sh*t about singles that handle their
13472635, lol, crickets on kyrie
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Sun Nov-06-22 02:36 PM
living in the yt mans world, indeed
13472836, Most of the hippies are gone, it's mostly boomers here now
Posted by flipnile, Tue Nov-08-22 03:31 PM
Ain't no use with them.