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Topic subjectRIP PnB Rock.
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13468493, RIP PnB Rock.
Posted by PROMO, Mon Sep-12-22 10:45 PM
this shit is tired.
13468494, Deleted message
Posted by seasoned vet, Mon Sep-12-22 09:15 PM
No message
13468498, Deleted message
Posted by PROMO, Mon Sep-12-22 09:57 PM
No message
13468497, smh
Posted by kinetic94761180, Mon Sep-12-22 09:36 PM
13468501, really wish i could unsee the vid of him laying in his blood
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Sep-12-22 10:22 PM
nice of the twitter algo to throw that on my TL just bc someone i follow follows another account
13468512, First thing in the damn morning too
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Sep-13-22 07:45 AM
13468509, never heard of him but he didn’t look like a street dude
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Sep-13-22 06:44 AM
or someone who was about that life.

Why they have to kill him?
13468511, Money
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Tue Sep-13-22 07:32 AM
>Why they have to kill him?
13468513, I heard it was a robbery and he didn't give it up
Posted by T Reynolds, Tue Sep-13-22 07:52 AM
I wonder who was behind the robbery

RIP but this is another rapper am I only really hearing about after he is killed.
13468515, damn.. you can have it all.
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Sep-13-22 08:07 AM
shame to hear he didn’t want to give up some fucking jewelry

fuck jewelry but if you have to have it, get that shit insured and stop acting like its more important than your life.
13468514, word is his girlfriend tagged their location in her IG post....
Posted by KnowOne, Tue Sep-13-22 07:56 AM
20 min later the stick up boys came out to tax. I know she prob blaming herself. Tragic! I saw him perform live opening for Jay Z here in philly. Wasnt a big fan of the performance but he seemed like a really good dude.

13468529, this was my reply, somehow it got deleted….
Posted by seasoned vet, Tue Sep-13-22 09:50 AM
13468564, I watched an interview not too long ago he had with Akademiks
Posted by SeV, Tue Sep-13-22 02:46 PM
Where he was talking about almost being robbed before and his girl not peeping the situation and being aware

Think it was out in Fairfax

Seem like all of L.A. is active right now

RIP and prayers to his loved ones


13468571, he's getting heat for reposting the interview
Posted by T Reynolds, Tue Sep-13-22 03:11 PM
I mean it's a game of metrics but that's kind of fucked up posting this clip with the title on some told you so shit

13468574, metrics aside, how else do you show the dummies what not to do?
Posted by seasoned vet, Tue Sep-13-22 04:26 PM
13468533, Any Angelenos here?
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Sep-13-22 10:41 AM
Cuz I hear that particular Roscoe's on Manchester is not the one somebody should be at wearing tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry at. Not blaming him for his death, just curious what Angelenos know/think about that area and location.
13468534, Former Angelenos here
Posted by bentagain, Tue Sep-13-22 11:13 AM
Yeah, that was my initial thought too
Jewelry, no security or check in...and you go to the Rosco's in south central
Roscoe's is a chain now
Might have just been a random choice... but yeah, that south central like a mug

Can't speak to that specific location
I hit up roscoe's in Long Beach
But I foks with Roy Choi heavy
He opened a brick and mortar spot in Watts
Not too far from there
I pull up, and across the street is what looked like abandoned project housing
Googled later
It was Jordan Downs, where they filmed menace 2 society

I would imagine that roscoe's is also a f around and find out situation

I know that's how they got pop smoke, off an IG flex
I'm wondering if this was an inside job
Somebody from the restaurant calling hitters for an unfamiliar face, without security and wearing jewelry
20 minutes...
13468547, Check in still a thing?
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Sep-13-22 12:39 PM
They make Garth Brooks check in when he come to LA?
13468565, Gangs get a piece of everything
Posted by bentagain, Tue Sep-13-22 02:52 PM
Think NY mob
It was Big U or Nip, probably both, but U was saying
You’re not getting from LAX to Hollywood without coming through the 60s

Obviously, I wouldn’t know…I’m not big time
But wouldn’t this tragedy be an example…?
13468576, Does Garth Brooks have to do this?
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Sep-13-22 04:42 PM
13468591, He has friends in low places….
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Sep-13-22 07:28 PM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13468628, damn...a brotha can't even get a "lol" from a solid reply...smh...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Sep-14-22 10:24 AM
13468648, I lol'd silently
Posted by T Reynolds, Wed Sep-14-22 12:37 PM
13468660, appreciatechu *daps*
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Sep-14-22 02:24 PM
13468606, Confident in assuming Garth Brooks has/had his own security staff
Posted by bentagain, Wed Sep-14-22 08:17 AM
What a random reference
Do you think Garth Brooks never got pinched or fleeced by organized crime?
It’s the music business, and the ties to organized crime are well documented.
13468613, He's not going to be spending any time in those areas.
Posted by Teknontheou, Wed Sep-14-22 09:07 AM
Other than passing through from the airport, as was said earlier.

Plus the dudes who would do anything like this don't know who Garth Brooks is.
13468624, man, they know who well established stars are which
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Sep-14-22 10:08 AM
is why they dont fuck with them

and someone may be correct about organized crime pinching them. But it wont be the star directly most of the time, managers or promoters prolly know who to grease in certain cities.

Back in the day we played a show in Asheville and another local band showed up (who we let open for us in our town) was hanging outside on some “this is our town, why didnt you let us know so we could open”

We laughed.. but we also had a flat tire that night.

13468614, PnB Rock had a house there, so he wasn't really visiting.
Posted by Teknontheou, Wed Sep-14-22 09:07 AM
13468546, Former
Posted by T Reynolds, Tue Sep-13-22 12:37 PM
I would only go to the Pico location historically. This is before they had a million locations.

After moving to NY I've been back to Pico and Hollywood.

I go to hood spots when I'm back in LA on occasion but I dress regular Joe as possible.

Really wonder if it's the same group that got Pop Smoke since they are known to be on the grimy shit

And also there's a reason they used to say 'easty'. the east side of south LA is just different
13468623, I grew up in that area my whole life
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Sep-14-22 10:03 AM
It's not an area you go to unless you are from that area. It's not exactly Eastside, but it's East enough that you can't just show up playing away games.

As others said, Roscoes has many other spots: L.A./Hollywood, Inglewood, Pasadena, Long Beach, and hell, even Orange County has one. This one (Manchester and Main) has never been a safe location to eat at unless you're from the area.

Regardless of whether you have connections or think you're good, you have to keep your head on a swivel and put them chains up. The wolves are super hungry in L.A. and don't care if they catch a body or not.
13468575, Rest in peace.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Tue Sep-13-22 04:32 PM
13468599, I saw an interview where he talked about
Posted by javi222, Tue Sep-13-22 10:44 PM
Not having security… then him and the interviewer mentioned that people who move like that get more respect…. its a shame people think like that