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Topic subjectthese artists are getting hunted in l.a. right now.
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13468486, these artists are getting hunted in l.a. right now.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Sep-12-22 08:03 PM
pnb rock
pop smoke
quando rondos boy
sauce walka almost got taken out the other day
kodak black got hit up in l.a. too (but survived)

this shit is out in the open too.

as soon as dudes locations get posted on social media...theres somebody there tryna rob/kill em in like 20 minutes.

pnb rocks girl posted a pic of their meal at roscoes to her ig stories. and you know what happened next.

hitmaka(yung berg) was just talking about the same folks that ran up in his crib (after a chick he was with tipped them off to where he was staying) were the same folks who ran up in the crib that pop smoke was in and robbed/killed him.

these niggas got a rapid response team to rob/kill artists.

i see why folks be checking in with who they know they gotta check in with.