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Topic subjectI don't have a problem that they are putting other POC in the shows
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13468366, I don't have a problem that they are putting other POC in the shows
Posted by Heinz, Sun Sep-11-22 12:02 PM
It's great they do that but do it from the beginning. However I do have a problem with them not explaining why they are in prequels but not in the originals story wise. So i'm just supposed to believe they were MORE open to mixing with minorities in the past but for some reason got racist later on? Story wise it is very ridiculous.

House of Dragons showing Asian, Indian and Black people nonchalantly sharing waters with white people during battles was killing me. Or taking advice about birthing emergencies, cmon! They would've have the minorities on the frontline to get burned by dragons or shot with arrows like they did with all of us in modern wars. And they def wouldn't have any of us near a baby let alone have a health opinion. Make TV and film more woke but don't pander to us in the middle of a show or property where it didn't exist before, especially in prequels. Star Wars putting in Finn makes more sense story wise because it happened later in the storyline when people would be more accepting. Representation matters, making it believable in the worlds you write matters JUST as much.