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Topic subjectI’ll die on whatever hill Nas lost on
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13467404, I’ll die on whatever hill Nas lost on
Posted by Nodima, Sun Aug-28-22 04:02 AM
Because I don’t consider all the other bits outside of Ether/Takeover to matter, and I’m a playground insults don’t carry vs. real haymakers guy. Which is to say, NAS LOST. But I’m glad he did because a hungry Nas has been and probably always would be more interesting than a hungry Jay.

Anybody who thinks Nas vs Jay post 2010 is an argument - more pointedly, an argument with Jay ahead on the scorecard - is too attached to their agenda. Nas has been so consistent and fun to listen to, while Jay has this drunken master approach that is always entertaining but also often sounds like the worst possible version of rappers getting real money and happiness.

It got too exponential for him, though 4:44 is IMO emphatically dope (and better than Lemonade 🤕😳😶😬🤷‍♂️)

It’s still not fun to listen to the way Magic let alone Life Is Good was/is

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