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Topic subjectThat’s because today’s artist can’t SANG.
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13468327, That’s because today’s artist can’t SANG.
Posted by allStah, Sat Sep-10-22 07:15 AM

They didn’t grow up in the church, where you’re taught how to sing gospels and
carry different notes. They just harmonize or sing in falsetto. They lack SOUL.

Example, I do enjoy The Internet. They have some good songs, but Syd isn’t really singing.
She is just harmonizing, and she sounds terrible live, and her new stuff without The Internet
Isn’t really RnB in my opinion.

Today’s RnB lacks seasoning, and doesn’t create that feeling where you want to get
sensual, or think about a time when you were making love. Today’s RnB is mostly fast food
melodies that don’t stick to your heart or soul. There is no baby making music in today’s

The last of the Mohicans were probably Frank Ocean, Miguel, The Weeknd( his old stuff)..

Muni Long is decent, but it’s mainly falsetto. Vocals aren’t strong, but she does have some
music that gives that real RnB feeling. HER is descent too, but again, she can’t really
SANG. She’s creative and talented, but she ain’t vocally blowing down doors.

Leon Bridges sounds like a white man trying to be soulful. It’s not wack, but it’s not really
soulful either. It’s the same with Khalid. I do like “Locations”, but again the majority
of his music is just him harmonizing.

Every generation grows from the previous generation….from Aretha,Minnie and Chaka to
Anita, Mikki Howard, Whitney and Miriah, to Badu, Jilly Jill and Mary J….who carries that
that torch today? NO ONE..

Today’s artist just aren’t vocally strong, and they lack soul seasoning to give RNB songs
that true soulful feeling and sound.