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Topic subjectMainstream people have no loyalty. They'll change-up what they "love" ...
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13468301, Mainstream people have no loyalty. They'll change-up what they "love" ...
Posted by flipnile, Fri Sep-09-22 02:42 PM
...in a heartbeat.

Music (and other art) is probably just background music for them... a soundtrack to whatever else they are doing.

What "killed" R&B is what kills every other trend that makes it to the mainstream... the fickleness of the everyday consumer. They don't care that much, as it's not that deep to them.

On the bright side, as some other posters pointed out R&B isn't really dead, it's just the good stuff is back in the underground.

Kinda like rock... I'm a rock dude, and we're quietly in a golden era of indie rock bands, and I doubt most of them are on the radio or cable TV.