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Topic subjectDon't this nigga own a TV network?
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13467265, Don't this nigga own a TV network?
Posted by snacks, Thu Aug-25-22 12:38 PM
He would've been better off actually doing what he said he was gonna do (bring attention to R&B) then say this bullshit

R&B is "dead" in the sense that the "good" R&B that brings that "feeling" is harder to find. Radio and major networks markets what sells, which is their objective. So of course many younger artists who are looking to get out of whatever situation they're in are gonna model their music around what is working

There are what ... 60,000 songs uploaded to streaming a day on average IIRC. This is a LOT of music to sift through, but reality is the majority of people who make these claims aren't willing to do the work to sift through

For context, I am 36. All of my friends my age, and that is no exaggeration, either listen to current radio or find their favorite R&B artists from the 90s-2000s, yet make similar claims. Among my peer group, me and my girl are the only ones who actively seek out new music and new artists, and we are consistently overwhelmed with the choices

Reality is the way we consume music has changed, and a lot of people don't want to make that adjustment. This is fine, but it's annoying when they complain about a lack of good music. I call bullshit, and especially on Diddy. He has the platform to highlight newer artists for Black people to rally around and chose to go this route instead, so it's on his fault for coming off like an old, washed hater. I could name more artists who are making good music, but bentagain covered a good amount