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Topic subjectNot dead, just different, and needs to step away from Hip-hop
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13467207, Not dead, just different, and needs to step away from Hip-hop
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Thu Aug-25-22 09:22 AM
Bentagain already named a lot of dope artists in the r&b lane that are putting our quality music today.

But the mainstream/radio/most heard/viral/whatever that is out front is decidedly different from what most of us used to 90's/80's/70's r&b like to hear.

Just my two cents:

1. Hip-hop and r&b had their honeymoon/blissful period in the 90's. They need a trial separation now. Too many mainstream cats basically spittin' the same bullshit rappers spit. Too many songs with rap verses that don't need them.

2. Not enough love anymore. Dudes used to sing about LOVING women, not just hittin' it. There's no more begging, pleading, complimenting, wooing or just plain game anymore. It's all "my car, my house, i got stacks, imma boss, i can make you a boss, let me purchase you" in essence.

"To Each His Reach"


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