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Topic subjectRE: I gotta confess...I don't quite understand what Puff is trying to say
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13467122, RE: I gotta confess...I don't quite understand what Puff is trying to say
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Aug-24-22 01:41 PM
> From reading the swipe up there, I don't understand exactly
>what he's being critical of in regards to R&B.
> And to be fair, I think that there have been a couple of
>really, damn good R&B projects recently (Lucky Daye, Syd, Leon
>Bridges, Snoh Allegra, Silk Sonic, Cleo Sol, Lianne LaHavas)

You and Bin are on it. But people have to be ready mentally to receive the goods when they come. That's hard to do when you're 'hating for attention', which is a whole business model now sadly.

And then, we know how it goes..people be sleeping sometimes. Then, eventually, there's a wake up and then the artists who got slept on have to hope they still have more jams in the can / somebody doesn't jump in front of them and 'take their spot' when it is time. Syl Johnson/Al Green. UGK/the early 2000s Houston folks who weren't nearly as good.

And we know this too...getting the right arrows pointing TO the music at the right time is OFTEN more important than just making 'good music' and assuming people care enough to 'find it'. And we REALLY know that some people would rather complain about there not being any music while being surrounded by music that they just don't know about for some reason. I think there's SOMETHING for pretty much EVERYBODY if you still like any music at all and you're willing to look around a little bit for what you want to hear.

But hey...that's why I keep saying 'maybe these artists understand some of this and that's partially why they're not trying to be Bono. Instead, they're trying to be Curren$y or, at the most, get a run of visibility but basically stay as they are like a 2Chainz'.