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Topic subjectI think the big difference between Hip-Hop and R&B is that R&B audiences
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13467035, I think the big difference between Hip-Hop and R&B is that R&B audiences
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Aug-24-22 08:47 AM
were primarily Black for the most part.

Someone else shared the idea (pfire?) here that has stuck with me that Prince and MJJ changed R&B because they made it Pop music with primarily white audiences. SO that became the goal for R&B Music. Lionel Richie chased it, Whitney Chased it.

IT's like the difference between New Edition and Boys II Men. Boys II Men reached heights that New Edition never reached but its New Edition that we talk about and still listen to today because they made R&B music for Black People.

In Manhattan there are very few Black Restaurants (outside of Harlem) like there were back in the day because now the Black people just go to the same restaurants like everyone else. So there is no Shark Bar, Justins, etc. I feel like the same thing has happened to R&B.

I was lightweight tight when Beyonce remade before I let go because I was like "Nooo, don't give them Frankie Beverly!" He's the one they still haven't "discovered" yet!

Anyway, rambling here. THere is a more cohesive idea somewhere here if I think about it more and give it more time.

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