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Topic subjectRE: i mean, LOVE and POSITIVITY in R&B is dead.
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13467014, RE: i mean, LOVE and POSITIVITY in R&B is dead.
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Aug-23-22 06:22 PM
>people can argue the semantics of if the genre is dead.
>but i think what diddy, tank, etc. mean when they say "r&b is
>dead" is where is the love and also, where's the commercial
>there's still good r&b music, but it's not easily accessible
>for the most part, aka not successful in the traditional
>as far what gets put in a song? these days, it's a lot of
>toxic sex and relationship shit. or, even worse, it's the same
>shit the rappers are rapping about.
>i mean, it all comes down to money. the powers that be in
>music are gonna push what's popular. rap took over music, and
>someone(s) decided that the more like the rappers the singers
>were, the better for the bottom line.
>here we are.

So, did we/they basically 'Mary J' a whole genre of music? AKA if its not bad/sad shit, it isn't gonna get supported/heavily listened to?

But isn't that kinda how the innanet is in lots of spots too? I mean, if Twitter had to get renamed, couldn't it called 'Well Actually'.

Now hey, I'm pulling for Lizzo's happy shit and Beyonce's happy happy dance dance album because if things take a turn towards positivity, then maybe we can't say 'love is dead' 5 years from now?


Maybe another angle: you don't have to be popular to do reasonably well as an artist now so there's people making their dough on the low and damn near avoiding being famous/stars? And shit, the downward pull on anyone who 'gets too big' is still alive and well and more and more of these artists are not interested in it? They've all seen too many documentaries and movies about how our stars got helped into the ground?