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Topic subjectyou know anybody under 35 that play bid whist?
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13463502, you know anybody under 35 that play bid whist?
Posted by grey, Wed Jun-29-22 02:00 PM
me either.

my ladys people take spades pretty serious but that was for the kids table in my fam. seeing them play i realized my familys games were a lot less contentious ha. we still talk shit but liquor generally wasnt a component so that prolly played a part.

some of it may be regional, but theres also diff rules depending on the coast so it cant just be that, e.g., west coast dont sport the kitty on a "no" (btw whist got spades beat in the lingo/slang department. "sport the kitty?" nigga. plus yelling BOSTON! in a whist game hit a lil different.) also thought it was bid "wiz" for the better part of 25 years, south-mouth ass fam ha.

my folks said they used to play in undergrad (at a pwi), i doubt they playing it in college today (hbcu or otherwise).

we really losin recipes smh.