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Topic subjectI was thinking #3 until I got to the end
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13463698, I was thinking #3 until I got to the end
Posted by auragin_boi, Fri Jul-01-22 09:36 AM
#1 only works if you want a worker bee. You point at a wall and they go to that wall. Most managers don't want that type of person unless the role is VERY simple.

#2 is the best choice based on the answers and availability.

If #3 didn't say "I'm hella busy so you're gonna have to adjust to my schedule" I would have leaned more in that direction because I liked the direct reference to knowing how assignments worked and prior experience with the schools kids.

I also liked that her mistake answer was more in-depth than the other two. It wasn't "Oh, I overlooked something, I made a typo". It was, I could have provided better guidance and specific examples. That's the kind of insight you want from someone guiding students.

But alas...gotta be at the job to do the job.

I work in HR so I'm keen to evaluating these types of things.