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Topic subjectI would want #1 because I am big on mentoring.
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13463469, I would want #1 because I am big on mentoring.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Jun-29-22 08:44 AM
And I it jumps out to me that they want to learn about the non-profit world.

It is of course a big red flag the thing they disclosed about making stuff up. It's wild they disclosed that.

But here is my thing. I really try to take "trick interview questions" with a grain of salt. I've seen so many good people burned by questions by giving honest answers instead of giving the right polished answer. Like I've defended many times people who answer the "what's your biggest weakness" question by giving honest answers over the people who know how to finesse those questions with "my biggest weakness is I work to hard some times".

The problem with 1# is their answer was WAAAY to honest. Which I kind of like. I would guess they were the greenest of the three. If it turns out they are not a kid and a grown up, then definitely a no. What I could let slide from a kid looks like poor judgement for an adult.

If there were other intangibles not showing up in the questions that made them a good candidate, I would take them into consideration.

I once hired a person because when I googled them I saw all the public service stuff they were doing outside of work. It didn't show up on their resume but it spoke to their character. SHe's been with me for 8 years now and is my right hand.

But then again, yo might just need to get through the summer and have someone grade papers and it might not be that serious.

#2 looks more polished and looks like that would slide into the roll and hit the ground running and would be an asset from the start.

Safest bet and you wouldn't be wrong to choose them.

#3 is too busy. How many times can they say flexible in their response?!?
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