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Topic subjectIt's a matter of perspective
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13463399, It's a matter of perspective
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-28-22 11:23 AM
looking at other replies looks like I'm the odd one lol

The other two seemed to want constant input and feedback and to me seems like it would be back and forth. "Here is the task you asked me for, is it right?"

I took the first one to mean "Give me clear goals/instructions/expectations and you can count on me doing my work without needing to check in". I'm that type, if I know my role covers point a-g you can bet I will do all of it as soon as I see an input. Anything outside of that then I will expect someone else is taking care of. So if you imply you want me to focus on c-f but really want me to "step up" and cover a-g then there will be a big disconnect.