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Posted by Damali, Tue Jun-28-22 11:07 AM
>#3 is wayyy too busy. They are carrying three summer (so
>accelerated) graduate level classes *and* working a full time
>job? It'll be too much on their plate.

and of course she insisted she'd be fine...lol..no ma'am

>#1 had a huge red flag with the either outright lying or
>deceitful behavior in a freakin' legislative hearing. If this
>was a more long-term job it might be different, but for a 5
>week class it wouldn't be worth it with the extra watchfulness
>and/or potential coaching you would have to do.

girl!!! speak on it. it didn't hit me in the moment, but when i went back and read my notes, my hackles went up

>#2 has a good background, enough time to focus on the job, and
>apparent transferable skills. I would go with them.

bingo :)


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