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Topic subjectTalkin' shop on a Monday
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13463313, Talkin' shop on a Monday
Posted by spades, Mon Jun-27-22 03:26 PM
Yeah, I know it's been a minute, let's just look past that.

So what's up?

Started a new gig. The last one had me so angry I actually just quit with no other job lined up. Luckily, I got the offer for this one the same day. lol

So far so good.

What y'all up to?
13463322, still struggling to get any real traction in my role.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Jun-27-22 04:13 PM
The manager and others have said I'm doing really well and that I'm putting too much pressure on myself.

They're probably right. I just need to let the process work itself and not try to rush it.

As part of this, I'm teaching a cert class and studying for another. Maybe I need to sit down somewhere.

13463327, I have this habit of working EXTRA hard when I'm anxious/worried about work.
Posted by spades, Mon Jun-27-22 05:23 PM
All it ever seems to do is increase my anxiety level.
13463323, I mostly don't care
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jun-27-22 04:20 PM
I mean I care enough to keep the job but I'm not trying to impress anyone. Still keep inching closer to looking for another job but for now this will do fine.
13463326, This is how my last gig started
Posted by spades, Mon Jun-27-22 05:22 PM
An easy gig I can do in my sleep, nothing I cared about. Then some blatant disrespect shit popped off and I realized I needed to gto of dodge before I needed bail money. It's so much better when you care. Find you something else, if you can.
13463331, Yeah, there are some factors keeping me here
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jun-27-22 05:32 PM
If it weren't for that I may have been gone a couple years ago. I have one huge irritant at this job. Without it I might enjoy it more.

I'm also not clear what I want to be doing. I don't want to just move to another company and have the same responsibilities. I need to know in which direction I want to take my career.

I'm thinking maybe making a move to one of our vendors, software or hardware, to help develop or support new solutions. Maybe go to a consumer product company to at minimum understand why their designers can't provide decent files lol
13463384, clear career trajectory/direction really does help here.
Posted by spades, Tue Jun-28-22 10:46 AM
I wish you luck there. Honestly it took me the better part of years to actually figure out a clear trajectory.

so much wasted time....