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13463305, smh
Posted by Lurkmode, Mon Jun-27-22 02:20 PM
>Disagreements over the creative direction of the show? Yes.

You mean "too much buffoonery" don't whitewash it.

>I never took those FAMOUS disagreements to mean they accused
>Lear of being just a plain racist, liar, hypocrite and thief.
>I took that that they had different ideas of where the show
>was going.

Rolle and Amos became openly critical – voicing their criticism in interviews with Ebony Magazine and TV Guide. Rolle’s comments about the JJ character in a 1975 Ebony article,

“He’s 18 and doesn’t work. He can’t read and write. He doesn’t think. The show didn’t start out to be that. Michael’s role of a bright, thinking child has been subtly reduced. Little by little – with the help of the artist – Jimmie Walker, I suppose they couldn’t do that to me – they have made him more stupid and enlarged the whole role. have been quietly slipped in on us through the character of the oldest child. I resent the imagery that says to black kids that you can make it by standing on the corner saying ‘Dy-no-mite!”

>I recall that Lear did place a working father into the show
>and did change scripts based on actor input - but ultimately
>had a different direction for the show than what some of the
>biggest stars on the show wanted.
>They fired Amos and leaned HEAVILY into JJ - which made the
>show much more like Happy Days. And then Ester Rolle left for
>two seasons and CAME BACK.

More like Happy Days lmao Esther Rolle left because of the buffoonery and the pay raise she didn't get.

>(It's not like What's Happening was leaning into hard social
>issues over and over.)

smh another deflection

>I didn't read "RACIST" in that I read "different" and even
>"wrong" but not racist. And never have a heard "lairs" and
>"thieves" from anyone other than Eric Monte.

You read excuses for racism not "different"

>Hey, you want to believe a Youtube video that's basically a
>transcript of Eric Monte saying that Norman Lear is lying
>thieving Jew who was destroyed his life because he was too
>black and talked too much - I don't see that from what I've

Norman Lear could tell you everything Eric Monte said is true and you still would go out of your way to excuse it.

>BUT as LEGS points out: I'M WHITE.
>I'm firing myself from this thread now.

No surprise take your ball and run Forest run.