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Topic subjectNah you will keep defending racism
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13463254, Nah you will keep defending racism
Posted by Lurkmode, Sun Jun-26-22 06:29 PM

>Nope, just that the video is a regurgitation of the same stuff
>he's been peddling for decades. I remember this from the mid
>2000s too. Now it's in a Youtube video and *you* believe every
>word of it....

Your assumption, I never said I believe every word because it's in a Youtube video. The fact that you believe that and ran with it says a lot about you.

>AND if anyone disagrees it's because they're white.

Nope you didn't just disagree, you made excuses, deflected in an attempt to avoid the obvious, Lear/Hollywood racism.

>Note: Eric Monte has also said he created "The Cosby Show."
>Believe that too?

Did he say it in a Youtube video ?

"...still nothing about Eric Monte, John Amos fired, Esther Rolle demanding her character have a husband."

^^^^^^^If you are going to ask me questions make sure you address the issues I raised.

>I don't recall any of the other hundreds of people Lear has
>worked with accusing him of being a “a racist, a hypocrite,
>a thief, and a liar."

You don't recall anything about why John Amos got fired from the show, or Ether Rolle saying she wanted her character to have a husband and Father ? Eric Monte never "peddled" anything about that ? Yeah right

>Weird that even John Amos hasn't mentioned that - especially
>in in the decades after? Where's the support from the black
>(or other) cast members for these accusations? Or other

Do you know what blacklist is and how it works ?

>So Lear's got the entire world gassed up
>- and I don't believe anything that black people say -
>or Eric Monte might be a little angry and bitter that his
>1970's success hasn't continued and it's because of a decades
>long campaign by the Norman Lear to fuck him.

So Eric Monte is just a bitter Black man. Hollywood is not racist. Norman Lear is not racist. Norman Lear had all these shows but he never had any influence or power.

Eric Monte sued CBS, Tandem Productions, producers Norman Lear and Jerry Perenchio in 1977 because he was a little angry and bitter that his 1970's success didn't continue.

Eric Monte received a 1 million dollar settlement and a small percentage of the residuals from Good Times because he was a little angry and bitter that his success 1970's didn't continue.

When the opportunities to pitch new scripts dried up after the lawsuit it had nothing to do with Norman Lear and Hollywood blacklisting him, no it was the fact that he was a little angry and bitter that his 1970's success didn't continue.