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Topic subjectRE: <----- Down six figures on crypto.
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13462715, RE: <----- Down six figures on crypto.
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Jun-19-22 10:37 AM
>I don't have anxiety attacks but occasionally I shiver and
>suffer odd non contact injuries.
>This recession makes no sense at all.

I don’t know! My lazy, conjecture-filled guess is something like this…

‘Money got really cheap for a while. People with bunches of money went wild with accessing the cheap money. Gov’t printed a bunch of money to try to Febreze the fact that things weren’t going as well as they looked to be going. Stock market and Brypto going wild while we were stuck at the house. I had buddies with long-term financial/stock market knowledge yanking large sums of money out of the stock market for fear that an adjustment/crash was inevitable. Now we’re on the other side of all of that. Covid was expensive af and we’re going to pay for it one way or another. And of course, the mfers with big money have already made their moves/they’ll be fine while we’re all getting laid off, paying high prices for everything, and hoping we don’t get shot at a restaurant’.

How about it? What’s obviously wrong? What’s missing?