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Topic subjectHealth insurance
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13461921, Health insurance
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jun-06-22 12:37 PM
my fam is on my wife’s insurance and she may not have a gig soon.

So I checked my gigs insurance. Small company. Shit is outrageous for a family plan.

Have to get that COBRA KAI plan.

Anyone have a health care hack or use a broker?

Aint no way I’m paying $2K a month for HC.

13461922, Health Care Exchanges
Posted by handle, Mon Jun-06-22 12:53 PM
But you may have to pay a lot - it depends on your state and your income.

13461923, based on income its not looking pretty
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jun-06-22 01:02 PM
but I wonder if I cam adjust since my wife would technically be unemployed so I wouldn’t have to include her income?

or do I still have to include her income up to when she was let go (granted she hasn’t been let go yet officially, I’m just trying to get ducks in a row if it happens).

They are doing a purge of educators down here in Charlotte. Making it real hard for good teachers to remain in schools while giving unqualified newbies licenses like its candy. Shit is scary.
13461924, If her income is 0 when you apply, then it'll help
Posted by handle, Mon Jun-06-22 01:22 PM
But in CA. someone making like $100,000 is going to pay at least $700 a month for themselves, and like $500 for each dependent.

13461927, Why are you complaining ? This is the price of freedom of choice !
Posted by Brew, Mon Jun-06-22 01:45 PM
What a fucking stupid country.
13461931, once I plugged in the numbers
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jun-06-22 02:46 PM
that shit brought us back to just "above the struggle" status

shit is real out here.

Definitely have to come up with an alternative before open enrollment.