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Topic subjectAnyone want to talk about how trash the picnic was this year?
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13461894, Anyone want to talk about how trash the picnic was this year?
Posted by bentagain, Sun Jun-05-22 07:56 PM
Obviously, a huge fan
Not my first festival
Not my first picnic

Worst experience at a live show...in a LOOOOOOONG time

Remember, in the beginning (c) how the sound was all f'd up, mics all muffled, etc...

Now imagine 8 hours of that

Switched the schedule...while we were already there
Hours between sets
Then the performances got cut short
and at one point...no music

No joke. After about 9PM... silence for 2 hours...F'n crickets fam

and they're posting these 'highlights' on my feed...and not acknowledging the dough people dropped in this economy just to leave early and miss Mary


I had a 2day pass and didn't even go today

The Roots owe us an apology...or am I the only one?
13461895, *eating popcorn*
Posted by thegodcam, Mon Jun-06-22 03:14 AM
13461896, you mad?
Posted by FLUIDJ, Mon Jun-06-22 05:46 AM
13461898, my IG timeline is full of friends that didnt enjoy it.....
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Jun-06-22 06:58 AM
Im shocked. But kinda glad I didnt bother going this year.
13461899, 🔥 🔥 🔥 THAT FYRE!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jun-06-22 07:26 AM
13461904, shit I thought it was just me
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Jun-06-22 08:19 AM
the whole time I'm thinking maybe I'm too old for festivals 'cause this some bullshit. The crew I went with pre-ordered their VIP Silver tickets. By the time I tried to pay for one they were sold out so I had to get GA.

Glad I got GA lol. That shit was not worth $700. And I was able to finesse my way in VIP anyway.

I don't know about an apology, but I ain't gonna be in a rush to spend money on another one.
13461956, Legit thought you were kidding with $700.
Posted by Triptych, Tue Jun-07-22 09:13 AM
I looked it up.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I'd be apoplectic. I'd be out there stealing crowd barriers trying to get my money's worth.

seven hundred american dollars lmao.
13461958, For $700 I'd have cold-DM'd a random band member
Posted by handle, Tue Jun-07-22 09:34 AM
And offer $500 cash on the downlow to get an all access pass from them.

Worth a shot.

Seriously I love The Roots, and I'm bougie, but $700 is too far.

I once paid $178 to see Kraftwerk and I felt like a chump afterwards. (That was Coachella 2006.)

13462076, I've seen everybody and I'm not sure I've ever paid more than $150.
Posted by Triptych, Wed Jun-08-22 08:58 AM
My average Roots ticket is like $14
13461906, RE: Anyone want to talk about how trash the picnic was this year?
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-06-22 08:37 AM
13461909, That’s disappointing
Posted by makaveli, Mon Jun-06-22 09:55 AM
I’m glad I didn’t go now.
13461938, RE: disappointing
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jun-06-22 05:07 PM
and that's exactly what it felt like
SMH, damn shame
Absolutely beautiful to see everyone out in force
Grown, sexy, and ready to get down

All they had to do was bring the getdown
We did our part
They faiLed.
13461939, Was Mary good at least?
Posted by makaveli, Mon Jun-06-22 05:09 PM
13461942, Mary was the finest female in there
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jun-06-22 05:38 PM
She looked amazing
Not just sexy, but happy, living her best life
I was happy for her
Yes, she was good...but...again
Not my first picnic

Usually the headliner is preceded by a Roots set, and then the headliner's classic album rocking with the band

...we got a few minutes of the roots and a few songs off of my life...

... maybe 45 minutes...
Jaz struggle set
F'd up mic mixtape
20 minutes of Bilal w/Glasper
15 minutes of Alex Isley
That was all I saw in the 10hours I was there.
13462081, the mics were hit or miss all day (sat).
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jun-08-22 09:18 AM
background singers mics were all fucked up.

people having to switch mics during the mixtape, guest appearances, etc.

a few artists openly complaining about volume, sound in earpiece, etc.

it was pretty shoddy work.
13461986, Festivals in general seem to be struggling these days.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Jun-07-22 12:42 PM
I'm not sure what the actual cause of all of it is - but it's a very common refrain: these one or two day pop up festivals simply aren't worth it.

I didn't go to the picnic but I did watch some online - and what was clear was the scheduling was really bad. I mean, The Roots and Mary did about an hour total which is super disappointing if you paid the money for a co-headlining type set. I saw a lot of people complaining about sound - which has been SUCH a huge issue that I can't believe we're still dealing with in 2022. (And hell, not to mention that there was a ton of talk about huge lines for food, etc)

I went to Smokin Grooves and Once Upon A Time in LA here in LA - and both had serious issues. Once Upon a Time had an absolute SHITSHOW of an entrance process and INSANELY long lines for food/drinks/merch. That really shouldn't ever happen. Oh, and then Drakeo was murdered because the security was beyond shit - causing Snoop, 50 Cent, and YG to not perform. Understandable, of course - but absolutely preventable issues.

Smokin Grooves had the absolute WORST sound on the main stage I've heard at one of these festivals in many years. Hell, it was easier and better to watch the show from BEHIND the stage and check it out on the monitors than it was to watch the show from where you were supposed to. They corrected the issues of the lines - that part was great - but sound HAS to be a priority at these things. Then Erykah Badu's headlining set got cut off because of curfew - which, again, TOTALLY preventable.

I'm not sure if it's labor force or what, but I just have a hard time thinking these festivals are worthwhile - even if it is an opportunity to see so many artists in such a short amount of time. These are pop up events at the end of the day - and when you bring in ALL these vendors...things are bound to be messy.
13462083, the sound for multiple rolling loud dates have been horrific.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jun-08-22 09:22 AM
at least for the streams or post videos.

i havent really watched many live shows online in a while cuz im just not feeling the music nowadays.

so i wasnt sure if thats just how shitty rap performances are now or if the venue/event production was shitty.

looks like its mostly a thing across the board right now.
13462078, thought it was weird they didnt post official set times on their site.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jun-08-22 09:12 AM
just the artist lineup.

also they only streamed 1 of the days live and spent the entire next day just showing replays from day 1.
13462082, there's gotta be a story bc 15 is usually pretty strict with that
Posted by Triptych, Wed Jun-08-22 09:21 AM
13462084, these festivals
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Jun-08-22 09:31 AM
are on notice with me, tremendous money grabs with crammed sets. they
can be great but, you can get a hodge podge of stuff and festivals are
often times overcrowded. i would rather see my favorite artists in a
more intimate setting. just got tix to the newport jazz festival, the
most money on a festival that i've ever spent. hopefully it doesn't
disappoint because the lineup is so awesome, i couldn't resist.
13462091, Newport will be good
Posted by Tiger Woods, Wed Jun-08-22 10:40 AM
Most of the festivals that have been around a long time that are widely known - Newport , Coachella , Lola, Bonnaroo , ACL - are still in existence for a reason. They’re massive well oiled machines. You’ll enjoy yourself.

It’s the newer festivals that are always changing venues and are ambiguous about details on their websites that let you down