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Topic subjectThe money is in the testing, not the vaccine, or treatment...
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13461800, The money is in the testing, not the vaccine, or treatment...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Jun-03-22 06:23 AM
And this is likely the future of $$$ in "medicine"

This article paints the clearest picture yet of the COVID endgame to me...

The more I think about it, what is even the point of testing?? There's practically nothing you can do with that knowledge besides isolate yourself....and then what?
13461803, but if you have an elderly family member that you are around
Posted by mikediggz, Fri Jun-03-22 08:26 AM
regularly thats still critical information to have, not to mention work situations etc. if we test positive here at the job we have to go sit for a few days
13461825, You're thinking too small
Posted by Nopayne, Fri Jun-03-22 12:16 PM
Cue has shifted its marketing to focus on Covid only but the hubs were really designed to test for other things as well.

I've been using it for over a year now and the convenience is great. I can just run a test while I'm doing other things around the house. I still get about a 7% failure rate where the test kit fucks up but they replace those for free so idc.

It's a nice system for sure but there's no way I'd pay for these things out of pocket.
13461831, That part. Convenience and speed are cool when co-pay is low...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Jun-03-22 12:48 PM
but once hubs and subscriptions become the ONLY way...or the PREFERRED way...the gap between the healthy and sick and the ability for the sick to get quality care is going to widen even further.

It's already bad enough that my PCP won't even do labwork in house anymore....

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13462157, I managed to not give COVID to family because of testing.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jun-09-22 03:38 PM
We have the cue, wife's job gave it to her, and we test a lot.

I tested negative on Monday, felt crummy on Tuesday, tested positive on Wednesday. Immediately allowed me to isolate and keep the keeps from getting it.

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13462163, that’s where the money is.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Jun-09-22 05:31 PM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13462167, the money is in NOT transmitting covid
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Jun-09-22 06:52 PM
and when i say the money, i mean the money that flows through our economy on a micro and macro scale
13462176, The smart money is...but these dummies want fast money...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Fri Jun-10-22 06:51 AM
BTW...i'm not knocking testing... i'm frustrated at the pace of testing technology exceeding the pace of vaccine development. It's like more innovation is happening on the testing front than the treatment front.... when wearing my Tin Hat, I can only conclude that it's by design. COVID is the new "common cold" and instead of coming up to drugs to treat and not cure...they've discovered it's easier just to come up with tests and not even bother with creating the drugs to treat or cure.
13462179, You’re seeing the pace of testing improvements because it’s WAY
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Jun-10-22 07:23 AM
easier to test for something than to cure it or create a vaccine. It is literally AMAZING that multiple effective vaccines were able to be developed as quickly as they did. But a test is much, much more simple. That doesn’t mean they are sitting in their hands re: more vaccines and treatments. Moderna just announced yesterday the effectiveness of a new Omicron vaccine. There are a tone of new treatments available now as well.

There’s money in ALL of this stuff.