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Topic subjectSome small animal (probably a cat) keeps pooping in my outdoor basement stairwell
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13462020, Some small animal (probably a cat) keeps pooping in my outdoor basement stairwell
Posted by SuiteLady, Tue Jun-07-22 03:24 PM
stairwell. It’s two small turds but I am dreading going out there to clean it up (again). I don’t have any pets, and one of the main reasons why I don’t want pets is because I don’t want to clean up poop that comes from other living things (I also don’t have kids). I realize this is one of the things that comes along with homeownership but I really wish that I had somebody else around to do this particular thing. I fixed the toilet last week, I can deal with bugs, I’ll kill spiders … I can address most things on my own. I am also very okay with being single most of the time. But I feel most lonely when something like this comes up because this is the one thing that I just really DO NOT DO. Every body has some thing like that, and this mine, but I don’t have nobody else to ask. I gotta figure out some way to keep it from occurring again.

Oh god! I wish I had a hazmat suit. I am sitting here planning in my head “okay garden gloves, then latex gloves on those, then put on an apron and a coat and something to cover your hair.”


I will never understand how people walk around with dogs and little bags of poop. I mean, I am glad they clean up after their pets but … hooooooow? How do people do this willingly? And daily? Ugh!