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Topic subjectThank you! Being a black woman doing IT work, I get challenged
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13461850, Thank you! Being a black woman doing IT work, I get challenged
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Jun-03-22 02:42 PM
constantly. I am always having to prove myself over and over. People talk down to me too! I am mostly quiet when working, and the tone of my voice is what would be considered "soft-spoken". I think that is why people think they can just say whatever to me. Even when I prove them wrong and have the receipts and they KNOW I have the receipts. Doesn't matter. The level of disrespect is crazy! I don't know if that is because I am a black female or just because of my personality, because I know damn well they wouldn't be that way with some of my other black female coworkers (in other departments of course - I am usually alone in IT). They literally act like they are afraid of my other black female coworkers, but not me. They don't see anything wrong with talking to me like a dog.