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Topic subjectit's been an insane couple of weeks. lots of death.
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13461694, it's been an insane couple of weeks. lots of death.
Posted by double negative, Wed Jun-01-22 02:35 PM
first my wife put her best friend down after 15 years of rocking (I'm talking about a dog ya'll)

then we started to get normal again. we had family over, her mom came into town to help and see the family

then the next morning we found her dead on the floor. we think she was starting her day in the early morning and had a heart attack maybe?

it was a fucking insane morning. we had to sneak the kids out of the house to school while the police were wheeling the body out.

We're both only children and her dad aint really shit so this is a big one for her.

Other stuff is happening as well...but that was the most left field thing to come our way.