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Posted by Geah, Wed Jun-01-22 12:41 PM
13461677, The skeevy teacher from Glee is skeevy IRL
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jun-01-22 01:18 PM
my wife has a former student who is a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance so we have been following the show and then this news drops.

Dude was texting a contestant inappropriately and that person showed producers the text and they fired him.

Never watched the show but apparently he wasn’t acting on the show.. smh.

Now I’m curious who it was..
13461694, it's been an insane couple of weeks. lots of death.
Posted by double negative, Wed Jun-01-22 02:35 PM
first my wife put her best friend down after 15 years of rocking (I'm talking about a dog ya'll)

then we started to get normal again. we had family over, her mom came into town to help and see the family

then the next morning we found her dead on the floor. we think she was starting her day in the early morning and had a heart attack maybe?

it was a fucking insane morning. we had to sneak the kids out of the house to school while the police were wheeling the body out.

We're both only children and her dad aint really shit so this is a big one for her.

Other stuff is happening as well...but that was the most left field thing to come our way.
13461715, Damn, bruh. RIP.
Posted by flipnile, Wed Jun-01-22 03:53 PM
Make sure you and your wife take some time out for y'all selves.
13461755, thanks. we just got back from a trip, got some other trips lined up too
Posted by double negative, Thu Jun-02-22 12:21 PM
13461716, this is awful
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jun-01-22 04:03 PM
sorry to hear this
13461754, we expected death...but not like that y'know?
Posted by double negative, Thu Jun-02-22 12:21 PM
she is goddamned scared since she was the one who found her on the floor.

we were expecting to experience loss through the kind of death you can see coming.
13461758, my wife lost her father a month ago
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jun-02-22 12:35 PM
both my parents are gone. She now feels what I have been feeling for the last 10 years and I hate it.

worst part is now our kids keep asking when we will pass away and shortly after it happened we put the kids to bed and then went to the garage to talk.. and out kids left the room
and thought we passed away.

this shit is too real.

how are your kids handling it?
13461761, RE: my wife lost her father a month ago
Posted by double negative, Thu Jun-02-22 12:46 PM
>both my parents are gone. She now feels what I have been
>feeling for the last 10 years and I hate it.

MAN. this is what I think about...she went through something I am going to have to go through. I've never seen a person hurt this much in my life.

>worst part is now our kids keep asking when we will pass away
>and shortly after it happened we put the kids to bed and then
>went to the garage to talk.. and out kids left the room
>and thought we passed away.
>this shit is too real.
>how are your kids handling it?

The kids are 4.5 and 2.5..damn near 5 and 3 really. The older one was sad and he's really focused on dying, like "we gotta be careful about or else you die". They've been clingy as well but it's kinda subsiding. If mom walks out of the room the baby will scream for mommy.

I'm just fucked up thinking that the baby wont remember her.

Let me be 100. I've been a shitty son and it's convenient that MY parents live across the country. I rarely call them, and they don't visit as much as they could because I'm busy and find it stressful to negotiate them visiting (disrupts the flow of our lives). I'm simultaneously glad that they are here, but also stressing because I've wanted them involved in our lives more but the process of getting that going overwhelms me deeply.
13461834, I still carry the guilt of my father not meeting his grandaughter
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jun-03-22 01:42 PM
we planned to visit in June and he passed in March.

The day before he passed an elder told me to make sure she sees her elders when I was at a Museum.

You know what you need to do

13461717, oh man, my condolences
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-01-22 04:04 PM
13461737, that's horrible. peace, man
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Jun-01-22 08:07 PM
13461759, the silver lining...
Posted by double negative, Thu Jun-02-22 12:39 PM
she died the day after seeing pretty much her WHOLE damn family.

it was a big celebration too. the wine was flowing, the music was bumping. It was like everyone had a chance to say goodbye.
13461743, damn. condolences to all of you.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Jun-02-22 06:37 AM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13461789, like, how my stepdad went…
Posted by Trinity444, Thu Jun-02-22 09:19 PM
he took a nap and never woke up. I’ve heard people say it’s the way to go and others not so much. I haven’t decided but I’m making peace with “things”.

be well…

13461842, Bro, I'm so sorry, man...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Jun-03-22 02:07 PM
condolences to you and your wife. That has to be absolutely crushing her, right now. My wife's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 years ago. She's still hanging in there. She's lost a TON of weight and gets winded super easy, but she gets around the best she can. She knows it's going to kill her. My wife knows it's going to kill her. She's relaxed some, but she (my wife) is always terrified of that phone call.
13461736, I am tired of working for white men.
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jun-01-22 07:54 PM
Just absolutely tired of it. The irrationally if their egos and the myopia of their world views
13461785, I'm just tired of conservative white men.
Posted by spades, Thu Jun-02-22 06:19 PM
The casual racism, the myopia, the unwarranted confidence.

Honestly, I'm going to have to be a CEO before I get to place where I don't have to worry about their egos, and the BS.
13461892, I have an NDA, I imagine everyone can surmise where I'm working
Posted by MEAT, Sun Jun-05-22 01:55 PM
If they've spent any time paying attention though.
All to say ... my current CEO problems are ... notable.
13461791, the prodigal okayplayer…
Posted by Trinity444, Thu Jun-02-22 09:42 PM
the social media streets is a scary place but I might be to far gone…

after the mass shooting, it bothers me that none of my white friends or my employer reached out to make sure I was ok…

Conway about to drop the video for chanel pearls with Jill Scott and I can’t wait.

13461835, RE: the prodigal okayplayer…
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Jun-03-22 01:48 PM
First, sorry you were impacted by one of the shootings. Which one was in your area? I am so scared of it impacting me and mine.
13461837, Honestly, not looking forward to my new job :-/
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Jun-03-22 01:52 PM
I quit on 4/25. I start my new job next week and I feel so jaded by work. I don't even care if this new gig works out or not because a) I can survive and b) I can get another. I wish I didn't need to work at all though. This month and two weeks off has been fantastic!!
13461840, I'm really glad that happened for you...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Jun-03-22 02:04 PM
because you sure did want that time off. As much as I appreciate my job and the benefits and the money (the money is good, lol)...I'm just so annoyed by the idea of working. SO many changes. We now have to come in 2 days a week. They say its for better team building and collaboration. We collaborated just fucking fine over MS Teams chat and meetings. They're just angry that the company rolled out a new, hybrid work arrangement and want to watch us as much as possible. If it was up to our department heads, we would come in 5 days a week...but, they know if they tried that, people would be bouncing left and right.
13461850, Thank you! Being a black woman doing IT work, I get challenged
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Jun-03-22 02:42 PM
constantly. I am always having to prove myself over and over. People talk down to me too! I am mostly quiet when working, and the tone of my voice is what would be considered "soft-spoken". I think that is why people think they can just say whatever to me. Even when I prove them wrong and have the receipts and they KNOW I have the receipts. Doesn't matter. The level of disrespect is crazy! I don't know if that is because I am a black female or just because of my personality, because I know damn well they wouldn't be that way with some of my other black female coworkers (in other departments of course - I am usually alone in IT). They literally act like they are afraid of my other black female coworkers, but not me. They don't see anything wrong with talking to me like a dog.
13461841, a lot of friends back home post about their haters and enemies on FB
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jun-03-22 02:07 PM
like this is the only type of motivation they can think of.. lol.

Yall aint super hero’s.

You dont have enemies.. you just talk too damn much.
13461861, Jyeah.
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Jun-03-22 05:03 PM
Everything the internet tries to use as ammo for ppl like me

Don't apply to me!

They like y'all bald. Fat! Dick don't work!

Meanwhile I mean...


It feels good.

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
13462020, Some small animal (probably a cat) keeps pooping in my outdoor basement stairwell
Posted by SuiteLady, Tue Jun-07-22 03:24 PM
stairwell. It’s two small turds but I am dreading going out there to clean it up (again). I don’t have any pets, and one of the main reasons why I don’t want pets is because I don’t want to clean up poop that comes from other living things (I also don’t have kids). I realize this is one of the things that comes along with homeownership but I really wish that I had somebody else around to do this particular thing. I fixed the toilet last week, I can deal with bugs, I’ll kill spiders … I can address most things on my own. I am also very okay with being single most of the time. But I feel most lonely when something like this comes up because this is the one thing that I just really DO NOT DO. Every body has some thing like that, and this mine, but I don’t have nobody else to ask. I gotta figure out some way to keep it from occurring again.

Oh god! I wish I had a hazmat suit. I am sitting here planning in my head “okay garden gloves, then latex gloves on those, then put on an apron and a coat and something to cover your hair.”


I will never understand how people walk around with dogs and little bags of poop. I mean, I am glad they clean up after their pets but … hooooooow? How do people do this willingly? And daily? Ugh!

13462023, as a dog owner, picking up poop never ceases to suck.
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Jun-07-22 03:49 PM
I always to try to make sure my route has multiple cans to throw it away. don't want to carry it forever.

had a lady thank me for picking it up last weekend. guess she passed me as I was playing janitor for the dog and saw me on her way back. I was surprised and appreciative, but it's also a reminder that so many folks don't pick up after the pups.

lastly, I'd rather pick up dog poop than clean a poopy diaper. that's way worse :)

13462028, It is done and I took a whole shower afterwards. I also put some
Posted by SuiteLady, Tue Jun-07-22 04:07 PM
Cayenne pepper out to deter (hopefully) the offending animal from returning. Ugh!
13462031, lol
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Jun-07-22 04:37 PM
13462043, We had a serious cat problem….
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Jun-07-22 05:30 PM
like 3 neighborhood cats were constantly on our porch. They weren’t pooping, but they would constantly set off the doorbell camera, alerting our phones of the motion. I did a little research and end up making a concoction with oranges and lemons in a spray bottle and spraying the porch with it. They hated it!!! One application kept them away for a couple of months.
13462045, Thank you
Posted by SuiteLady, Tue Jun-07-22 05:55 PM
13462087, I'm the furthest thing away from an animal expert...
Posted by Marbles, Wed Jun-08-22 10:03 AM

...but don't cats bury their poop? They dig a little hole, drop the bomb and then cover it up.

13462097, I don’t know. I said cat based on turd size. Don’t scare me!
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Jun-08-22 01:41 PM
I am already traumatized by all of this, lol
13462098, Oh god! I been sitting here googling poop identification. Lawd!!!!
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Jun-08-22 02:02 PM
I need a drink - a strong drink. This is the worst. It took me hours to build up the courage to clean it yesterday. Now I am going to be trying to identify it for hours today.
13462101, LOL! I'm sorry. For real, I wasn't trying to worry you...
Posted by Marbles, Wed Jun-08-22 03:06 PM

But our family had a cat when I was a kid. And we have probably a half dozen stray cats in our neighborhood.

Cats tend to dig a hole and then bury their poop. There could be a specific reason where they don't do it in the hole but I don't know what that is.

I'mma shut up now before I give you a panic attack.
13462248, Less than a week and there is another turd. The cayenne pepper I put
Posted by SuiteLady, Sun Jun-12-22 09:08 PM
down is still there!! So I think I need to buy this imitation fox urine stuff. Oh brother! I aint cleaning shit up today (pun intended). I may as well wait until I get this stuff (I am ordering it from Amazon). I am start to lean more towards a Opossum being the offender now.
13462102, Had my first and last remote work day with an empty house
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jun-08-22 03:26 PM
it was awesome