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Topic subjectthis is a weird hill for you to die on. maybe you have some...
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13461518, this is a weird hill for you to die on. maybe you have some...
Posted by PROMO, Sat May-28-22 05:41 PM
anti-kendrick bias/agenda?

biggest release of the year but not matching projections isn't the fail you think it is. projections are literally a guessing game in 2022.

it's not like the 90s or early 2000s, when you could just count up the orders from stores and get a pretty accurate look at what your first week sales might be like.

and the follow up week that you posted doesn't mean much either. the way streaming works at this point hardly ANY albums live for more than a week in any significant way.

i mean, Jack Harlow was projected to do like 250 or more and i believe he did 113 WITH THE NUMBER ONE SONG IN AMERICA.

the game isn't what you think it is man. in no way is almost 300K first week in 2022 a flop.

he put this album out with basically no promo and no single. when you have an album this dense thematically, with not much mass appeal as far as the sonics go, it makes sense it didn't match DAMN for sales.

DAMN, his most commercially viable album as far as sound, had a huge lead single. it should have sold way more, and did. also 2017 streaming vs. 2022 streaming landscapes can't even be compared.