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Topic subjectRE: My take is that you're correct in the conclusion of the album,
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13461010, RE: My take is that you're correct in the conclusion of the album,
Posted by GNT1986, Fri May-20-22 03:26 PM
>Bottom line - you can't be effective in serving others if you
>don't first serve yourself.

right. that's what i came to years ago. and i've practiced it - because that's how i've survived.

but damn if it isn't a bitter pill to swallow that he came to the same conclusion. i think the salt in the wound for me, personally, is i've just been getting by while yearning to thrive.

maybe it works out for kendrick - he's got access to more resources and it ties back into the idea of breaking generational curses.

for me, it's disheartening. this album would have put me on the floor if it dropped when i was going through it during grad school. maybe i'm still doing things wrong and i can't see it? lord knows.

the process is the process - and it took all the pieces for kendrick to get here in his journey. through this album - and his entire discography. i'm curious to see where he goes from here.

i think the album was solid musically.

it's my reaction to the message that's tumultuous.