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Topic subjectBe a while before I have a take, but think it could've gone more Pablo
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13460454, Be a while before I have a take, but think it could've gone more Pablo
Posted by Nodima, Sat May-14-22 01:55 AM
And I think that's true for a lot of ambitious albums of the streaming era. For how much this album hops around vibes and sounds, it's not a lot of songs that catch you by surprise especially after a couple listens, it does feel a little...Drake-ish in the way it can cosplay these different sounds instead of subsume them into a larger statement.

Whereas Life of Pablo...it's still intense to me when a Famous, or a No More Parties in LA/30 Hours or Waves comes on. It's kinda odd that Kendrick doesn't have that same effect...but I also disagree with people that are mid on this album. I think there's a lot here and I'm excited to keep listening at home, on the bus, after hours at work, etc. It sounds good and he sounds great.

Personal note...love seeing Duval Timothy get five placements. He's a dude I really think could have a huge effect on the rap scene if he gets enough minutes and it's cool to hear his influence here. Actually pretty surprised this thread is on average tepid towards the production, for me that's the early hook.

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