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Topic subjectyeah I love this
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13460372, yeah I love this
Posted by mista k5, Fri May-13-22 12:09 PM
Not one song I would remove. I feel like everything has a purpose and meaning and the execution really worked for me. I appreciate the content and enjoy the different styles.

I'm curious to see what he puts out as singles/makes video's for. I think Die Hard and Purple Harts are obvious choices that sound similar to Damn. Count Me Out also reminds me of Damn, specifically God but I don't think it would be a single.

I think Auntie Diaries and Mr. Morale could be a combo video. The beat of Auntie Diaries is dope. The content is heavy which would make it very interesting to be a single. The song kind of reminds me of Between Me, You & Liberation.

Mirror could also be a single.

Definitely keeping this album in rotation.