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Topic subjectThe Kathy Barnette experience
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13460290, The Kathy Barnette experience
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu May-12-22 02:05 PM
there is a Black GOP woman running for the Senate seat in PA.

She says all types of wild shit and some think she could win because Dr. Oz and the other dude are too busy slinging mud at each other.

she thinks the election was stolen
claims her mom was raped at 11 and she is the result which plays into the GOP’s sickness
some are saying she claims she is a vet but refuses to show credentials to back it up

but she also petitioned for the Obama’s to get a statue in DC
and has spoken on systemic racism in America

Establishment is furious because they don’t know how to handle these new batshit crazy candidates who play to the crazies in the GOP.

but I think its a money grab and the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the GOP. Just say wild shit about Dems, scream MAGA and raise a shit ton of money and if you actually win, do a reverse Manchin and fuck up their votes.

These GOP voters are fucking crazy.