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Topic subjectRE: Did you old mf's know The Arsenio Show is back?
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13460266, RE: Did you old mf's know The Arsenio Show is back?
Posted by reaction, Thu May-12-22 10:11 AM
Great to see him back. I was disappointed in the hip hop artist community that there wasn't huge support for his last revamp in 2013. I think the original Arsenio show had an immeasurable impact on solidifying hip hop into the mainstream so I think it would have been nice if every huge artist went on the reboot. I remember Nas and Ice Cube and Snoop and Prince etc. coming on but I recall it still feeling like there wasn't enough of a groundswell of support equal to what Arsenio showed for hip hop.

In particular I remember that Will Smith never came on, I think Jada did, but never Will and if there is one person who helped Will the most in his career it would probably be Arsenio. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince performed on there and Will was on a lot by himself. And then it was backstage at Arsenio where Will met Benny Medina which got him the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. After all that I just always felt bad for Arsenio that Will wasn't a regular guest on the 2013 reboot. He didn't consistently get big guests so he ended up being cancelled again after the Jay Leno debacle. Anyways I have no idea of the behind the scenes stuff, maybe Will and Arsenio had a falling out, from the outside the situation just always bothered me.