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Topic subjectgoing all out because they keep going unchecked
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13460235, going all out because they keep going unchecked
Posted by Stadiq, Wed May-11-22 04:39 PM

Every inch they take with so little resistance is just validating there will be no opposition.

Nation-wide ban, no exceptions for rape or incest, no exceptions for danger to the mother, prosecuting anyone who goes to a 'safe state' for abortions, and prosecuting past abortions as murder have all been hinted at by various GOP figures.

Not to mention the consequences this could have on privacy laws and states' rights to do whatever evil shit they want.

-On the bright side, the "good guys" rushed to *checks notes*

-beef up security for SC Justices who were bothered by protests

-wax poetic about needing a strong Republican party the good ole days (bitch, how much stronger can they get? Thats the problem)

-talk about a preference for **convincing republicans rather than defeating them** (lol I'm crying)

-and talk about reducing the deficit.