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Topic subjectAvatar: The Way of Water
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13460035, Avatar: The Way of Water
Posted by bwood, Mon May-09-22 09:52 AM
13 years later...

13460053, Cameron coming back for the throne.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon May-09-22 11:27 AM
Looks gorgeous. Can't wait.
13460055, Cool. Another fancy tech demo nobody will remember the plot to.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon May-09-22 11:32 AM
Besides something something colonization
13460074, more like people didn’t want to remember the plot BECAUSE..
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon May-09-22 12:51 PM
it was about colonization

13460083, i mean i remember the plot because it was bascially Dances with Wolves
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon May-09-22 01:48 PM
mixed with a bit of Aliens
13460086, cool trailer. idk if i want to see it but
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon May-09-22 01:51 PM
good trailer.
13460137, Thought this was about “benders”
Posted by nativesun07, Tue May-10-22 09:30 AM
It will be interesting seeing this marketed - 2 generations later.
Marketing has changed, and they were aggressive the 1st time
13460183, Well, they can't sell 3D TVs this time, so it better be good
Posted by spenzalii, Tue May-10-22 10:58 PM
CGI looks great, but will it hit the same 13 years later in the world of the MCU and DCEU? Could be great, could be Matrix Resurrections. We shall see
13460185, THE WAY OF WATER
Posted by Walleye, Wed May-11-22 05:26 AM
This is going to rule, but I will probably never stop laughing at that title.
13460205, I never could figure out all the hate the original got
Posted by SeV, Wed May-11-22 01:02 PM
I thought it was a dope ass movie

Story and visuals

That was the 1st time watching sutten in 3D IMAX


13460206, It's pretty goddamn great.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed May-11-22 01:08 PM
I've now had multiple people tell me this episode of Chapo Trap House-- in which a couple of the guys rewatch Avatar, discover they love it, and break down why-- made them think about the movie in a different light, so I'll share it here for anyone interested:


But yeah. I think Avatar rocks, and I'm stoked for the second.
13460253, Great movie. Biggest gripe is it will never be in 4k.
Posted by Triptych, Thu May-12-22 02:01 AM
Excited to see avatar 2 on my home oled one day.

Still not sure I've ever seen more compelling use of CGI than the first movie. Certainly not in any film that is _primarily_ CGI.
13460279, Great listen, though I feel they missed a specific talking point...
Posted by kwez, Thu May-12-22 12:33 PM
Which is that the Navi for me were actually the more "advanced" species in comparison with their human counterparts. Their ability to plug in and communicate directly with their environment implies to me that they had reached a much higher plane of existence than humans ever could.
13460283, That advancement was an evolutionary/bio advancement
Posted by calij81, Thu May-12-22 12:43 PM
Unless they show the Navi somehow genetically engineered that, it seems that was just how all the species and animals evolved over time, as a way to stay in sync and harmony with each other and the planet.
13460298, i regret rewatching it
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu May-12-22 04:45 PM
i LOVED it in 3D imax

but tried rewatching it on HBO a few years later and couldn't even get through the whole thing